Saturday , 25. September 2021

Zooqle – Official Website, Torrents and Search Engine

Zooqle Torrent Website and Search EngineSource: Zooqle

Zooqle Searches for Torrents and Has a Beautiful and Modern Design

Notice: does not condone illegal sharing of copyrighted material. While P2P file sharing technology (A.K.A torrenting) itself is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit. is one of the newest torrent sites that grows more and more popular each day. And deservingly so. At first sight, it’s a beautiful and well-designed website that collects torrents works similarly to Torrentz2, as in it is a search engine of other torrent search engines.

When you search for something, you will see a list of torrents, and when clicking on individual files you can see where the torrent really comes from. However, you are not directed to this new page, but you can download it right away at Zooqle. Files come from the biggest torrent sites, so there’s a huge amount of them at Zooqle.

Everything is perfectly clear and pleasant to use. It’s really easy to see that tha website is ned and uses modern elements, fonts, and just everything you can find on high-quality websites. And we haven’t even mentioned the best thing about Zooqle!

Zooqle is not just a Torrent Search Engine but Also a Movie and TV Show Database

Zooqle is not just a torrent search engine but also a movie and TC show database, very similar to

Movies, as well TV shows and actors have their own cards/pages with all important information. You can search for all the films of a single actor and view relevant information about a movie or a TV show. In addition, when you are on a page of a movie, you can see all available torrents for that movie. These are sorted by video quality, so you can easily choose which version you want and whether it’s a HD movie, a movie shot by a camera version or a 3D version.

The TV shows cards/pages are even better. You can see all seasons and episodes in the show page. Each episode has its own categorized torrent list for even better and clearer downloads.

The only slight flaw is that Zooqle does not have a similar music database that would also be great. It is not essential, but in case of music/software/games, Zooqle works in the same way as other torrent sites.

Overall Rating of Zooqle

At first glance, Zooqle has a great design and its new and modern features. In addition to torrents, it offers an amazing database of movies and TV shows, including all cast and creators, so you can also search for a movie from one actor or director.

Movies and shows have their cards with wonderfully categorized torrents. Searching is so comfortable and it’s even easier with the database.

If there are no cards for movies/TV shows, Zooqle wors just like any torrent sites. Zooqle may not yet have a name of torrent giants, but it is definitely a site you should try. It’s quite possible that Zooqle will become your new most popular torrent site.