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YTS/YIFY Movies and Subs – Download from Official Website

YTS YIFY Torrent Movies in HD QualitySource: YTS

Notice: does not condone illegal sharing of copyrighted material. While P2P file sharing technology (or torrenting) itself is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit.

The YIFY group, also featured under the YTS nickname, is one of the most popular pirate groups that copies BluRay movies and distributes them via torrent network. There are thousands of YIFY movies and new ones are released pretty much immediately after a BluRay version has come out, sometimes even sooner.

Group specializations are high quality HD movies that are not filmed on a camera or phone in the cinema, but come from BluRay discs or from online movie rentals.

This means that we need to wait a bit longer for the YIFY release, but everything is in great quality and with subtitles to pretty much any language.

Where to Find Subtitles for YIFY Movies

Since the movies come from BluRay rips, which are created by several other groups, the subtitles are very easy to find. As a rule of thumb, every subtitle version that is synchronized to BRrip will also fit with the YIFY version.

There is also a specialized site offering subtitles in multiple languages that fit with YIFY movies –

YIFY at 720p and 1080p Resolution

YIFY usually offers 2 versions for each movie. One version is 720p.mp4 movies and they typically have 700 to 900 MB, movies at 1080p for about 2 GB. The only difference is the video quality.

The 720p movies are absolutely sufficient if you don”t care about the perfect video quality or watch the movie on your laptop or a standard monitor. Movies in .mp4 and 1080p resolution are great when you’re watching them on a bigger TV.

If the movie has 3D version, or if the third dimension is important to the overall experience, YIFY will usually create this format as well.

Both versions, YIFY 720p and YIFY 1080p, are exactly the same when it comes to timing and synchronization, so if you find subtitles for one version, they’ll fit the other one as well.

Watching Movies and TV ShowsSource: Pixabay

How to Download Torrents

YIFY distributes movies over torrents. We have written a detailed article on how to download via torrents. Simply download and install the program you wish to download with (for example, utorrent). Then you need to download a very small .torrent file that opens with the currently installed program.

You can find .torrent files on specialized websites, that is, the YIFY website.

The Official YIFY Group Ended, but the Torch Was Passed to Others

The YIFY and YTS, respectively, have permanently ceased operations in 2015, and the owner has been confronted with the MPAA, a nonprofit organization that represents and protects the interests and rights of film studios. The YTS website has been closed and is currently redirected to the MPAA website.

Since the torrents library was public, the torch was passed to other groups, which still work and share movies with the name of YIFY, even though none of them are really „official“. They basically copied the design of the original YIFY website, took over the library of titles, and create new and new BluRay rips in HD quality. Basically, everything works just as before, movies are of the right quality, only other groups are taking care of their distribution.

The most known unofficial successor is, which very much copied the design of the original YIFY website and now offers a great selection of movies including the latest blockbusters as well as older classic movies.

How Pirate Groups Make Money

You’re probably wondering why somebody would do the job of creating pirated copies of films, which are then distributed free of charge even without ads..

These pirate groups most rely on advertising on their sites, but also on voluntary contributions from people who downloaded and want to contribute.

As hundreds of millions of people are downloading via torrents across the globe, even a small percentage of people who want to contribute will make an interesting profit for those pirate groups. That is why they use YIFY or YTS in their name, because people know it and are more willing to contribute some money.