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Tuesday , 4. August 2020

Torrent – Search and Download Movies from Sites

Torrent Search Movies and DownloadSource: Pixabay

Notice: DOWNLOADHARD.com does not condone illegal sharing of copyrighted material. While P2P file sharing technology (or torrenting) itself is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit.

If you regularly download files from the interner, you surely have already heard about the term “torrent”. Let’s look at what torrent and BitTorrent are, how they work and, of course, the pros and cons compared to more traditional means of downloading files.

Let’s Start with a Broad Subject – What Is a Server And what Is a Client?

Before we get to the very description of what is torrenting, we need to look at how it works when computers or other devices communicate in a network

In computer networks, such as the Internet, computers have two basic functions and serve as a client or a server (or as both):

  • Server – This is the type of computer that provides some sort of service.This may be, for example, a computer that contains websites, but it can also be a game server on which a online game runs, or in principle anything else.
  • Client – This type of computer, or computer program, asks servers for some sort of a service.

Classic example from the internet environment can be your browser that performs the client function, and a computer running a website. You enter a web page address (URL) into your web browser, the browser connects to the server and uses a specified web address to request a web page. If the server understanrd the request, that is, the webpage is really there, then it sends it back to your internet browser that will piece it together and show it to you. This can also work for example downloading files – you will request a file and the server will send it to you.

This type of communication is in computer networks is called a client-server communication and the server thus becomes a kind of center that provides a certain service.

The server must be equipped with high speed Internet connection, but also memory and space for files. It can also serve many clients at once. The server can be just one computer based on the load, but usually it must be more powerful than the client computers. Servers are usually dedicated computers that are placed in server rooms.

Server RoomSource: Pixabay

Another Type of Communication – Client-Client or Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

Client-server communication is a more typical type, but there is another type of communication, client-client, also called peer-to-peer, short P2P.

In this type of communication there is no central server, and clients take on both the role of the client and the role of the server. Each client can then dive tasks to other clients, but also provides services to other clients.

What is Torrent ?

Torrent is the tool for passing files between clients. Files are not downloaded from one server, but clients download and send files from one to another. BitTorrent is then the name of the protocol that makes this possible.

File distribution using torrent is so very different from the standard download from the Internet, where the files usually come from one single source A.K.A the server.

How to Download via Torrent Using Search Engines

Torrent downloading and sharing works in a way that anyone who wants to download a file connects to clients who have the same file, or part of the file, and downloads it from these clients. File is usually downloaded from more than one source, which means that each client providing the file is not overloades as they only provide a fragments of their uploading capacity. 

To download via Torrent, you first need to download a program that works to download files from other clients. Very popular is the uTorrent, but there are many others with the same function.

To download files, you need to geta very small file with the suffix .torrent, which identifies the files you want to download, as well as the list of clients who have that file. These .torrent files are located on various specialized websites, such as ThePirateBay or for example YIFY/YTS.

Client lists are kept by the so-called Trackers, but you don’t need to know about them to download files. Tracker is actually the only server that clients regularly needs to connect with ti get a list of other clients. Without trackers, theBitTorrent network would not work.

After downloading the .torrent file, you need to run it with your program (such as uTorrent ). The program then searches for other clients who have your desired file and starts downloading it.

So here is what you need to do:

  1. Visit uTorrent (or any other torrent client) and install it
  2. Download a .torrent file from specialized website (ThePirateBay, RARBG etc.)
  3. Open the .torrent file using uTorrent
  4. The file is then downloaded to your computer

Is Downloading via Torrents Legal?

A very dirty topic is the very legality of downloading via Torrent network . Although downloading is not illegal, it’s worth mentioning that file sharing, which, for example, infringes copyright, is against the law. Due to the fact you automaticaly share the file to other clients, you may infringe copyrights by downloading mp3 songs, movies,TV shows, games or books.

Truth is that you will almost for sure never be procecuted, but you still should know about the risks.

The use of Torrent itself is not against the law, and there are many uses for Torrents . For example, it can be used in smaller networks or to share business or other legal files. The only reason torrent is often regarded as illegal is that it is very convenient to share any sort of file, including those that break copiright laws.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Torrent Versus Classic Downloading

The advantage is mainly in that a single server is not used when downloading via client-client communication, but the load is spread over a large number of computers. None of the computers do not necessarily have to have a fast connection to the internet.

This is especially useful if you need to distribute one file among a large number of users. If they all downloaded from one server, the server might not be able to provide every client with optimal download speed.

The disadvantage of downloading over Torrents is especially in that a .torrent file can be created and shared by everyone, and the files that you download may not even be tested antivirus programs to make sure the files are safe. It is then up to each individual user to check the downloaded files. Services such as Ulozto.net check each file and are in general safer to use.

The problem may also occur when clients start deleting a file you wish to download. If clients do not own the entire file, it can not be downloaded by other clients. If we start downloading the file from the server, we have the certainty that it is there. When it comes to torrent downloading, it’s always necessary for the file to be “live” and to be found on as many other computers as possible.

Some Words You May See when Downloading Torrents

  • Seed– The number of clients who have a complete file and only share it with other clients
  • Leech – Number of clients who only have a part of the file.Leeches download the parts of the file they don’t have, but also share the parts of the file they do have to other clients
  • Peer – The total number of clients who share or download the file
  • Ratio – The ratio between sent and received data.Some trackers measure Ratio and require you to have ratio above 1 (or other set minimum), so you send more than you receive, thereby ensuring long-term file availability. Many trackers do not measure Ratio, so after you download the file, you can stop sharing it immediately
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